Healing Hoofbeats of CT seeks to help individuals feel more empowered and secure in their lives through building mutually beneficial relationships with horses. As an animal assisted therapy organization it is our belief that through learning how to build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships we can begin to heal from past experiences, learn how to navigate difficult situations, and feel more at peace in our lives. Horses are amazing partners in this work because they provide us non-judgemental, honest, quick, and direct feedback to our behaviors and emotional states. This helps us to begin to learn to engage in healthy relationships and enhance the quality of our lives through connection.

Operation Warrior Horse is an equine assisted therapy group hosted by Healing Hoofbeats of CT. It is facilitated by our staff, comprising of a team with a Licensed Mental Health Professional and an Equine Professional. You can checkout an interview about the program by The Veterans Corner below or learn more on our website at HealingHoofbeatsofCT.org